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DETOX Your Body & Mind Masterclass

Module 5: Detox Support

In this final session we will bring everything together, add a few more additional physical and emotional tools for you to use on a daily basis to support your cleansing process which will be happening on many different levels so that your body and mind is able to restore, come to more balance, health, love and harmony. We will practice the final techniques and integrate them with your aligned desires, facilitating their seamless incorporation into your desired outcome. 


You will learn how to detox, balance and energize your home to create the right environment for your body and mind to thrive in and to maximize the benefits of all the previous steps. You will tune into recognizing the beauty around you, in others as well as the beauty within you in order to embody the full potential of this process and becoming the empowered person living in a healthier body with balanced body, mind and life!

This module will help you to answer questions such as: 

  • What other enjoyable rituals can I add to my daily routine to support my balanced state of being?

  • How can I energize my home and create a space where I feel great and in which I can thrive?

  • How can I put all of the tools and techniques together and make it sustainable for me in my everyday life?

  • How can I become the person who lives their life in balance and harmony, with less stress, more energy, in healthier body, loving myself for who I am and having connected relationships?

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