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DETOX Your Body & Mind Masterclass

Module 3:Emotional Health & Intelligence

In this module you will be exploring and mastering the power of your mind, conscious and subconscious, and the ways it impacts just about everything in your life. You will dive deep into exploring the ways you think and feel contributes to the quality of your health, relationships, career, ability to thrive etc. You will learn how your

energy contributes to your struggle as well as your well-being.


You will tap into your inner power through the tools that help you to change your old patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving and being and that are keeping you stuck in your life. 

You will become familiar with daily mindfulness practices such as presence, gratitude and acceptance. 

This module will help you to answer questions such as:

  • Why is emotional intelligence so important for me and how can I learn to master my emotions?

  • How can I use my energy and the power of my mind to my benefit?

  • What tools will help me overcome daily challenges with my partner, kids, friends, work colleagues etc?

  • How can changing my limiting patterns change my health, life, relationships and help bring balance to my life?

  • How can I learn to be more present?

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