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DETOX Your Body & Mind Masterclass

Module 2: Using Food as Medicine

This module will help you to discover everyday foods that impact your health and that you should eliminate from your diet as well as foods that promote health, help you to heal, strengthen, protect and nourish. You will explore the role of liver in the detoxification process, what are the symptoms of mul-functioning liver and how you can support the liver in your daily life.  You will explore various detox protocols that will help you to remove, replace, repair and restore and allow your body to function on an optimal level. You will learn how the body benefits from the deep restorative process happening on the inside.

You will explore the foods that are beneficial to your well-being and will create your detox grocery list. We will explore various detox recipe guides that focus on main meals, snack, juices and smoothies, and healthy deserts.


This module will you to answer questions such as:

  • How can I support my liver in the detoxification process?

  • What are the detox protocols that are beneficial for my body?

  • What foods will help and support my body to detox and cleanse?

  • What foods are harmful for me that I should eliminate?

  • How will my body benefit from the detoxification process?

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