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DETOX Your Body & Mind Masterclass

Module 4: Exploring the Tools

You will discover the tools and techniques that will help you navigate emotionally and mentally through your every day life. You will tap into the power of connecting with yourself and your heart, allowing yourself to open up, see, feel, release and let go of what doesn't serve you anymore, what's holding you back in your life so that you can experience more love and balance in your life, healthier relationships with others as well as with yourself.


You will dive deep into exploring the individual tools such as breathing, HeartMath,  meditation, journaling and visualization. You will become familiar with the benefits of the individual tools, their impact on your daily life and relationships, how you can use them to manage stress in your life, and you will learn easy ways to incorporate these into your daily routines so that they become a sustainable part of your life.

This module will help you to answer questions such as:

  • What can I do to manage my stress levels, practice a healthy response to others in challenging situations?

  • How can I get in touch with my heart?

  • How can I switch from negative emotions to feeling positive emotions?

  • What tools will help me navigate through my relationships with others?

  • How can I become more loving and bring that love into all aspects of my life?

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