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How can Bioresonance help your body

I know, many of you are thinking “What is even this Bioresonance?” I was asking the same question 10 years ago. At that time it literally saved me and changed my life and the life of my family. I went from one miscarriage to another, I did not feel my best physically, I had constant digestion issues, I had a strange unexplainable feeling on the right side of my body, I was low on energy and at the end of all this I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. This “label” I was glued on made me feel powerless and made me feel like a victim. I started never ending visits at the doctor’s office, going from one test to another just to find out at the end of all this that nobody was there to actually look at the dysfunctional parts of the body as a whole. I struggled for several years to find out what were the true triggers behind all this suffering. I felt frustrated, sad and very low. Until the day I found out about Bioresonance.

I did not know anything about bioresonance then. But only after the first session I knew this was going to answer my questions, get my health back and get me where I wanted to be. Although I came from a family of doctors, the holistic approach of looking at the body had opened my eyes in a way that I never wanted to go back to the traditional medical system that treats only the symptoms and never fully heals the body because it does not address the underlying issues.

It is never just one part of the body that is a problem and that creates a health issue. There are always multiple reasons why a particular organ is out of balance, why something is hurting, why we feel tired all the time, why our immune system is weakened, why we have all different kinds of disease, etc. . And this is where Bioresonance therapy is so powerful because in a matter of minutes it is able to identify all the disbalanced parts of the body that at the end cause the actual issue. Bioresonance is a safe non invasive way that uses electromagnetic waves to look inside your body. It scans your body's energetic frequencies or vibrations, then measures and determines which frequencies, in which tissues or system, are out of balance. Once this process is completed, it utilizes subtle waves of energy to create a corrective frequency pattern. Your brain, the body's master regulator, does the rest.

Bioresonance scan is very sensitive and it therefore offers benefits that are not available with more conventional medical treatment. It is safe, fast, precise, detects a wide variety of disorders and generates easy-to-understand results. Safe and friendly for children of all ages.

Using this detailed report in our sessions with my clients, I put together recommendations on how to approach the imbalances naturally (changes in the diet and eating habits, using herbs, essential oils etc) so that your body can get back to balance and homeostasis.

What can you find out through Biorezonance scan:

- vitamin and mineral deficiencies - cholesterol levels - health of blood cells - inflammation - sugar imbalances - bacterias, viruses, fungus, molds, parasites - heavy metals - digestive function - allergies and sensitivities - genetic issues - immune health - liver, kidney, cardiovascular, skin, reproductive, hormonal imbalances - bones, nerves, muscles - emotional imbalances - scan of over 130 organs, cells, bones, tissues and body systems - and more

Bioresonance uses vibrations and frequencies to detect the imbalances in the body. Since all pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold, parasites) vibrate at a certain frequency, it is also possible to remove the harmful pathogens from your body and help your body heal faster.

Your body CAN heal and Bioresoance is a modern tool that can assist you in knowing what to heal and how.
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