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Why Holistic


Energy medicine has been here for centuries but only now it is becoming the fastest growing field in the medical industry.

In 1900's Albert Einstein wrote on a chalkboard E=MC2. On one side is energy and on the other side is everything else. So, when we translate this to our day to day life, “everything is energy”. Your cells, bones, nerves and tissues, your thoughts, feelings and emotions have energy.

Today’s mainstream Western medicine is concerned only with the physical part of illness, neglecting the mental and spiritual parts that were once as much a part of healing as painkillers are now. According to Dr. Alexander Loyd (psychologist, naturopath and best-selling author and founder of the revolutionary Healing Codes technique) this is why many of the instances mainstream medicine fails to heal an illness. It’s because the problem is coming from a place that “modern” medicine has forgotten how to address. WITHOUT TREATING OUR PROBLEM AS A WHOLE, TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION NOT ONLY OUR BODY BUT ALSO THE MIND AND SOUL, THERE CAN BE NO TRUE HEALING. 
If you’re physically ill, you’ll tend to have more negative thoughts and emotions. If you’re constantly unhappy with your life, it can literally make you sick. We are holistic beings, and we need holistic methods of healing.
Everything you do, everything you think and everything you feel has energy. The type of energy you have is affected by your memories and your ability to work with them. The body's energy is the key to health and well-being. It was proven by scientific research that our memories are stored not just in our brains, but throughout our bodies in the form of cellular energy. That means that the pain, anger, sadness, resentment, rejection, trauma, failure and hurt you have experienced can exist in your unconscious mind and memories for years, even if your do not live with the daily awareness of them. So although we think our health problems can be blamed on our physical body, the PROBLEM IS ALWAYS INTERNAL. Therefore, if we don't take care of our beliefs, perceptions and emotions, the way we think and feel, we will never be truly "healthy".
Unhealed memories and limiting beliefs get stored in our body, deplete our energy, keep us in destructive relationships, suppress our immune systems which as a result make our body sick.

My goal is to assist people who want to achieve balanced life through healing the source of the physical and emotional issues, so they can become present and aware and live their most authentic and vibrant lives. So that they can move on from being a victim of the past and the environment to becoming resilient and empowered by future.  

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