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"MASTERY" Program

"MASTERY" Program

MASTERY Program is a 6-month program with 4 sessions per month, with each session being 1 hour long.

This program includes everything mentioned in the "Reborn" Program but it is intensive and is intended for those who need extra support on a weekly basis, who need to be held accountable for their actions and who need extra communication outside of our sessions. This program is designed for those who know what to do when given the tools, but can't be consistent without external support. When life gets busy and complicated, showing up on a regular basis is essential to reaching your goal successfully. In this program we have more time to pause, breath, go more in depth in your areas that need to be supported, restore balance in your mind and body, nurture personal growth, open up to challenges, and explore new tools and perspectives. This Program also includes additional support over the email or in advance scheduled phone call outside of our regular sessions. Free access to my online or in person workshops. 

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