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Private Mentorship

Unlock Your Full Potential for a Life of Infinite Happiness, Health & Balance

Fully customized one to one private mentorship & coaching with Michaela designed to awaken an ultimate potential for a life filled with boundless happiness, radiant health and balance.


This is not just another program...

It is your opportunity to do things differently and right this time by addressing your challenges at the root cause.

We will not stay on the surface...we will go deep!
We'll talk life, health, relationships, connections, self-love, emotions, nutrition, life style, life purpose, mental & emotional health and more...
And the positive side effects of this work? Infinite.

This mentoring program is designed for you if you feel like you're successful in so many areas of your life and you achieved what other people only dream about but underneath the surface there is a sense of inner emptiness and emotional disconnect.  Despite your outward success, you may feel a profound sense of dissatisfaction and a lingering sense that something essential is missing from you life (at least objectively).  Struggling to find true happiness, meaningful connections in relationships, healthy body filled with energy, and a life of harmonious flow & balance.

This program is tailored to individuals seeking highly personalized support to facilitate profound transformations across various aspects of their lives. It aims to help you live a life infused with happiness, maintain a healthy body, reduce stress, find deeper meaning, and create fulfilling, connected relationships.

How do we achieve this?

I will be your guide and mentor on this journey and take you through all the necessary steps for you to see the results you desire. We are unique and bio-individual beings therefore each program is customized to cater to your specific needs, ensuring it's not a one-size-fits-all approach. 

I will meet you where you are at, through my transformation programs designed to fit your individual needs, with a focus on the following areas: mind-body connection, nutrition, functional medicine, plant medicine, self-care, self-awareness and personal development. 

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What our work together involves

  • we start with an in-depth life & health history session 

  • strategy for how we work together, agree on our sessions and communication and support between the sessions

  • set up sustainable health and lifestyle habits

  • get in-depth Functional Medicine testing to help uncover root cause of your challenges, with several tests and FM practitioner consultation included

  • put together nutritional strategy, tips, recommendations, recipes etc.

  • we look beyond the physical, look under the surface and address emotional wounds and challenges and how they link to your life situation

  • we address the source of stress in your life and teach you simple yet powerful techniques to use in your daily life to help you overcome these situations

  • we look into your thinking and feeling patterns and work on changing and releasing unhealthy habits

  • distance bio-energy healing if requested

  • I will work on empowering you to be in charge of your life, health and happiness

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Do you find yourself stressed and tired a lot?

  • Are you struggling to feel a sense of genuine happiness in life?

  • Do you struggle with feeling irritable or emotionally reactive?

  • Does your personal and professional life feel disrupted and out of balance?

  • Do you feel often overwhelmed?

  • Are you lacking energy and not thriving in life?

  • Do you struggle with sleep disturbances?

  • Are you not feeling well in the body, experiencing symptoms and discomfort?

  • Are you experiencing emotional disbalance?

  • Do you feel a sense of disconnect in your relationships?

  • Do you experience a lack of purpose in life, feeling like something is off or missing?

  • Are you ready for a change in your life?

Stressed Woman
Stressed Man

In every challenge, whether physical, mental or emotional, there is an opportunity for growth.

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Imagine your life change...

By maintaining frequent communication and conducting scheduled private sessions, I'll be there to guide you and assist you in making the necessary adjustments and shifts in your life and health, helping you to overcome stress, emotional wounds, balance life as well as your relationships. Such intensive and in-depth work together will allow you to:

  • feel and experience sense of lightness and happiness

  • develop a deep love and connection to yourself

  • gain your energy back


    manage daily stress, challenging situations and feel in charge of your life 

  • feel amazing in your body, free of discomfort

  • have restful sleep at night, allowing your body to regenerate and heal

  • have balanced personal and professional life

  • develop and maintain daily habits aligned with your life purpose

  •  have amazing, deep and meaningful relationships with partner, children, friends or at your work place

Feel relief, sense of lightness, happiness, balance, wholeness, power that comes from within you, and profound connection to love and yourself.

6 Months "Unlimited Life"

Private Mentorship

- 6 months of mutually agreed private sessions

- online support available between sessions from Monday to Friday

- time and space to go really deep in all aspects of your life and health

- functional medicine testing including a consultation with FM practitioner 

- access to any available online programs

- 50k eur paid in full, or 26K paid in 2 payments

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3 Months "REBORN" Transformation
Private Mentorship

- 3 months of mutually agreed private sessions

- support available between sessions from Monday to Friday

- access to any available online programs

- customized and personalized support to meet your health goals 

- 28k eur paid in full, or 15k paid in 2 payments

Every day you wake up you have another chance to do whatever you want, to be however you want.
The only thing that is stoping you is YOU.

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