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Healing Through LOVE
FREE Masterclass
Live online event on March 21st


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Have you ever thought about why we keep getting the same experiences every time there is a challenge in our life or relationships? Have you ever contemplated what is the reason behind us falling into the same programs which direct us into thinking the same way, feeling the same way, acting the same way and therefore getting the same results? 

How would it feel if you could soften or dissolve the challenge in your life or relationship that hurt you so deep inside into feeling love for yourself, the other person or the problem? What if you could transmute the emotional pain and feel empowered about what the future holds for you instead of allowing the circumstances drive your feelings?

The secret is hidden in the power of your heart. 

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Is This You?

When we allow ourselves to become entangled in some kind of a drama and attach too closely to past experiences, we get pulled back into a cycle of recurring perceptions and emotions. All of the built up unresolved and unprocessed hurt results in the same level of thinking, the same experiences and the same outcome. This narrow focus of being so attached to the past prevents us from seeing the bigger context, leaving no space for resolution or release. And then the crisis happens.

We feel hurt. Sad. Angry. Resentful. Hopeless.

But what if it does not have to be this way?

You didn't choose what happened to you, but you can choose how you respond to what happened.

We are creators of our lives. We have choices. We get to CHOOSE how we think and how we feel. And a lot of the times it is not easy and it is a process. But everytime we make the decision to change something about how we feel and how we think, everytime we choose to let go or forgive, we make a conscious choice to leave the past behind and we make a strong commitment to the present and the future. Allowing ourselves to open these wounds, acknowledge them, and let them go it makes it possible to make new choices, create new thoughts, feel new emotions and live the life we desire.
And such process is called HEALING.
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  • Tools that help you understand your emotions and the impact they have on your well-being. 
  • Tools that help you transmute the emotional impact of the challenging situations in your life...hurt, pain, sadness, anger, resentment...
  • Tools that help you increase your inner peace, connect with love and tune into the creative side of you that has the power to decide what happens in the future. 

The Power of Your Heart

The power to release unproductive thoughts and emotions comes from your HEART. When you focus on your heart energy with meaningful intent, the same old beliefs, perceptions and programs will ease out. The heart is stronger than negative patterns or stuck energies; it just takes some practice to let them go.

What to Expect:

  • Time & Location: March 22nd, 2pm CEST 

  • The event will be recorded, so in case you are not able to attend live, you will be able to access the teachings at your own convenience

  • 60 minutes of interactive presentation including techniques and tools to help you connect with your heart and transmute challenging emotions of particular situation you're dealing with

  • 15 minutes of Q&A  - ask your questions and get personalized insights



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Andy B.

With Michaela's guidance I made a huge progress all around. But the biggest change I have achieved with her help was a positive and incredibly strong state of mind that nothing is impossible. I want to take it even further!

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Sarah L.

My experience with Michaela was amazing. She kept me on track, was very inspirational and it was her sense of positivity, calmness and expertise that allowed me to achieve my desired results.


Joy C.

Michaela's work completely changed my life. She's such a balanced and inspiring person! Utilizing her wisdom and knowledge I was able to make a significant and positive progress in my life and my health journey. 

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