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Being healthy and happy doesn't have to be hard.

Supporting Your Journey to Health, Balance & Wholeness

Feeling like something in your life is missing? Is the delicate balance between your busy professional and personal life disrupted, leaving you fatigued, stressed, and overwhelmed? Are persistent health challenges, lack of energy, sleep disturbances, disconnected relationships or lack of purpose in your life holding you back from the living the life you desire? 

You have more power than you realize when it comes to living your life in health and balance! Nothing needs to hold you back!

What I do

I turned inward and found my purpose, connecting with my gifts, and pursuing what I do best. I’m a holistic health and life transformation coach with a focus on body-mind connection as well as intuitive and energy healer. I assist both women and men in transforming their lives and health by identifying and addressing the root causes of their challenges. This process enables them to live a life filled with genuine happiness, radiant health, empowerment, and balance, with reduced stress, deeper meaning, and fulfilling relationships. Together, we achieve this by uncovering core issues, fostering a deep connection to their heart and true self-love, eliminating unhealthy patterns, and adopting sustainable health and lifestyle habits.


I help you to understand your unique body and mind needs. 

I believe in "bio-individuality" and therefore I look at you holistically as a person who has their unique physical, mental, and emotional needs. It is not one thing that fixes everything. It is a set of elements that need healing and balance in order for you to experience health, happiness, loving relationships etc. Together we address those needs with tools and techniques that are tailored just to you and that align with your desired goal so that you can experience better health, more life balance, love and happiness. Your mind and body transformation may come where you least expect it, from our mindful sessions tailored to your own needs, to nourishing your body with clean & healthy foods while making sustainable long-term changes in your diet, through deep self-reflection & connection to your heart, releasing old patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviors that don't serve you anymore and replacing them with new ones that resonate with the energy of your new life. 

I create a supportive environment that enables you to articulate and achieve your goals. Throughout my education, I have been exposed to the proven most cutting-edge theories, methods and deep spiritual practices and studied highly effective coaching techniques to help you find what's holding you back from living the life you desire, and discover the right tools that work best for you and that help you transform your life from the inside out.

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"Nothing can change in our life until we change."  

- Dr. Joe Dispenza

My approach & what makes me different

With the right tools everyone has the power to be their own healer. We just need to know what the tools are and how to use them to our benefit.

I believe our body's signals and symptoms often serve as messages guiding us toward healthier choices. Pain, fatigue, or discomfort can be indicators that adjustments are needed in our lifestyle, habits, or emotional well-being. By paying attention to these signals and responding with self-care, we honor the body's communication and support its natural drive toward health. The understanding that "your body wants you to be healthy" encourages a collaborative relationship with our own physical being. It invites us to listen to our bodies, make informed choices, and cultivate a lifestyle that aligns with our innate inclination toward well-being.
My mission is to guide your through this process and empower you to be in charge of your life and well-being.

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Create health and happiness within!
Wellbeing Principles

Your body wants you to be healthy

It's your body's innate ability and desire to maintain a state of balance and optimal functioning.

You have more control than you think

Your lifestyle habits and daily choices determine your wellbeing.

Everything is connected

A harmonious alignment of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors results in a sense of well-being, resilience, and vitality.

Heal cause rather than symptoms

Treating the root cause involves understanding the intricate interplay of factors contributing to the issue and making holistic adjustments.

How I can help you

Life & Health Transformation


Helping women and men achieve optimal health, and live empowered and balanced life with less stress, more meaning, and healthy relationships, in their highest potential.


Private Coaching
Online group workshops

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Fertility & Natural Conception

Helping women and men overcome fertility challenges, improve reproductive health and optimize their chances of conceiving naturally.


Private Coaching
Online group workshops

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Bioenergy Healing

Bioenergy healing offers a comprehensive approach, addressing pain, tissue regeneration, immune system enhancement, accelerated healing, improved circulation, peak performance, and balances the electromagnetic field in and around the entire body. I use bioenergy to help my clients heal from a wide sprectrum of diseases.


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Does this sound like you?

  • You feel like your busy life is out of balance and something is missing

  • You feel overwhelmed 

  • Your stress impacts every area of your life

  • You feel a sense of disconnect in your relationships

  • You experience lack of energy and have difficulty sleeping

  • You struggle to lose weight

  • You're experiencing physical symptoms, feeling like your health is not where you want it to be

  • You feel disconnected from yourself and others

  • You are living the life that does not fulfill you

  • You want to break from the cycle of being stuck and want to live your life in the highest potential

  • You are fully committed and dedicated to do what it takes to change and transform your life

  • You are ready to make the changes happen NOW!

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Stop waiting for your life & health to begin and start living the life you want NOW!


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Andy B.

With Michaela's guidance I made a huge progress all around. But the biggest change I have achieved with her help was a positive and incredibly strong state of mind that nothing is impossible. I want to take it even further!

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Sarah L.

My experience with Michaela was amazing. She kept me on track, was very inspirational and it was her sense of positivity, calmness and expertise that allowed me to achieve my desired results.


Joy C.

Michaela's work completely changed my life. She's such a balanced and inspiring person! Utilizing her wisdom and knowledge I was able to make a significant and positive progress in my life and my health journey. 

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