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  • It is a path for those who are willing to walk away from being a victim to taking control of their own life with an open mind knowing that if we use the right tools our body and mind has the power to heal itself.
  • It is for those who are willing to commit to a holistic approach by addressing the root cause of their problem rather than symptom management.
  • It is for those who want to reprogram their thinking, get to the core issues of the worries and concerns that keep them up at night and stress them out, who need help in overcoming obstacles and achieving goals and desires of their dreams
With compassion and care I am here to support you and walk you through the path to your better health, happy and healthy relationships, and to help you achieve your full potential and balanced life through healing the source of your issues, so you can live your most authentic and vibrant lives.


to identify the source of your physical issues

Maybe you, your children or your loved ones are constantly sick? Maybe you are struggling with chronic disease, respiratory issues, digestive issues, allergies, skin problems, autoimmune disorders, back problems, headaches...?  You might be tired of all the never ending visits at doctors' office not able to get an answer to your problem? With AO Scan you will  get a detailed non-invasive look into your entire body, including your blood, organs, spine, tissues, nerves, muscles, vitamin and mineral deficiency, toxin overload, allergy scan, scan for viruses, bacterias, fungus, parasites, gastrointestinal, hormonal, cardiovascular and immune function, and more.  Not only the AO Scan is able to detect the disharmonic energy vibrations, it is also capable of returning your body's out of balance frequencies to their proper vibration and your body's systems to their proper function so that your body is able to restore its optimal health again.

EFT and meditation

to release subconscious blocks, restore body's energy balance and reprogram your mind

Maybe you are struggling to get where you would like to be in your life, or become the person you used to be before your life got turned around after you had experienced a trauma, relationship problem, job loss, illness, divorce... ? Maybe you are experiencing sadness, guilt, rejection, anger, frustration, resentment, anxiety, phobias, addictions, PTSD, insomnia? Maybe your children are struggling with learning disorders, unable to focus, experience anger or anxiety issues? Whatever the issue is, we will approach this together through a gentle EFT process (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as Tapping, combined with the blend of new tools based on neuroscience and quantum physics so that you are able to release your subconscious blocks and the emotional components that impact your life, calm down the nervous system, and bring your body and mind back to balance. Together we will help you to get back on the path to achieving your goals, wishes and desires, become the person you want to be, and live the life you want the most. 
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