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Online Masterclass

DETOX Your Body & Mind

Remove what the body and mind does not need and add more of what it does need. Gain more energy, allow your body to let go, get balanced and heal!

DETOX Your Body & Mind

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Online Masterclass

About the event

Detoxing your body is not about not eating and starving yourself for an extended period of time. It is rather about eating the right types of foods that nourish  and cleanse your body, feed it with vitamins and minerals, and that help you with the detoxification process. Since your liver plays the greatest role in detoxing the body, helping it to function better will impact your overall health and quality of life. This workshop will be therefore focused on introducing foods that will help your liver to cleanse and detox, steps that will help you maximize the liver's ability to remove toxins through supporting the liver through diet & lifestyle, and ways to decrease toxic load.

In order to detox ALL parts of your body, we will also work together to focus on detoxing your mind, your heart and focus on ways that will allow you to release pain, emotional discomfort and challanges that have been with you for too long, patterns of negative emotions that hold you back and keep you stuck in the same energy. When you are able to do that, you will be able to "reprogram" your mind and heart to feeling the positive emotions and making them be a natural part of your day. You will be able to "connect" to yourself, feel emotions tha that have been closed off to you for a long time, be more patient with your children, more kind and loving to yourself, more giving and understanding with your partner and others, more centered and balanced in your daily life and feel more like you are in charge of your life rather than feeling your life is running you.


- You feel like you need a new fresh start to a new year

- You feel fatiqued, lack energy and need an afternoon nap on regular basis

- You suffer from chronic infections

- You have asthma and allergies

- You have disrupted sleep

- You suffer from blood sugar disorders

- You have mood swings, poor mental function, lowered stress tolerance

- Your body is not absorbing nutrients you eat

- You experience PMS symtoms, decreased libido, and infertility

- You have skin disorders, including acne and rosacea

- You are unable to lose weight or have excessive abdominal fat

- You want to feel connected to your heart

- You have stuck emotions that you want to let go of

- You have fears and patterns of the same negative feelings, thinking and behaving

- You want to experience freedom in your mind, heart and body

- You want to experience love, joy, kindness, care and bliss in your body


- What foods, herbs and supplements support your liver and help you to detox your body

- How to support your liver through diet and lifestyle

- How to decrease toxic load

- How to address overexposure to environmental toxins

- Introduce foods that help the liver to cleanse

- 5 day Gentle Liver/Gallblader protocol

- Breathing exercices

- Techniques that help you detox your mind and emotinos and help you stay in balance

- How to let go of your past and heal patterns that are holding you back

- How to feel safe in your body


- Detoxing can help you move the unwanted substances out of your body and restart your metabolism

- It can increase energy levels and boost your body's immune system

- It can help improve chronic conditions

- It may help you lose weight

- It can help you bring your mind back to balance by increasing presence, joy, love, kindness and other elevated emotions

- It can incraese your capacity for self love

- It can help promote a healthy sleep cycle

- It can help reduce stress, anxiety, anger etc

Let's meet together for some time that is dedicated just to you and that allows you to learn simple and sustainable ways to detox your body on regular basis that will fill you with new and fresh energy, help you lose weight, and make your mind balanced.

This mini-workshop will run over the course of 2 days from 9am-10:30am CET (Tuesday - Wednesday) and will be held online so that you can access it from the comfort of your home. We will hold a safe space for you to share, ask questions, interract, and learn from each other.

I am looking forwared to bringing more energy, peace and balance into your life while cleansing, detoxing and making your body and mind lighter!


"It's my honor to serve you on your journey to your best health & connection to yourself."







  • DETOX Your Body & Mind

    CHF 295.00

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    CHF 295.00

    +CHF 7.38 service fee


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