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Rising from Fertility Challenges

Module 1: Activate Your Power

In order to be able to move on with your life and create a new future, create a supportive environment for conception or pregnancy, healing your emotional and mental state related to miscarriage or any fertility challenge is the key. 

And this is what we will focus on during this New Beginnings Bootcamp.


In this session we will go a lot deeper than just listing all the tools and techniques. We will explore in depth the connection between your mind and body, the link between your heart and brain so that you understand how the tools and techniques that you will be learning in this course can impact your physiology, your emotional state, and your entire life.


It is during this process when your future results are determined. 


  • You will learn to activate your power within, allow yourself to connect to yourself, release and let go of the emotions related to miscarriage or fertility challenge that are keeping you in the same cycle that does not seem to be changing.

  • You will learn to use techniques that allow you to free yourself of the trauma, sadness, pain, hurt, guilt, shame etc that fertility may bring along.

  • Learn different techniques that bring you relief and take you from feeling  hurt and helpless to feeling empowered about your future.

You will gain a deeper understanding of how powerful your mind is this process and what YOU can do to create the healing and the results you dream of. 


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